No software
off the peg.

Instead of bothering with many different tools at the same time, it is better to use your own personal application, whether in the browser or as a web app. Made 100 % just for you, you can control internal and external work processes and always keep an eye on everything. No matter how big or small your company is.

We digitize it all!

No matter what features you need, we customize each one just for you!

Product/Project Management

Whatever you sell, we create the database for you. Fast. For sure. Reliable.


Do you always want to keep an eye on your project processes in a team? Nothing easier than that! Access any status you want as a team.

Contact Management

All employees access the same contacts at all times. Unlike the usual systems, individual customer information can be stored here.

Appointment Scheduling

Never lose track of your appointments again! Your customers can book appointments with you online, on your terms. In real time and always visible to you.


Your data will never be passed on to third parties. They only end up encrypted on german servers. Everything strictly according to GDPR.

Save personnel costs

Digitization also leads to less staff utilization in your company. That saves costs and will pay off in a short time.

Customer Communication

We enable one-way or two-way communication between you and your customers

Avoid errors

Having the same information in multiple places often leads to errors. Not anymore! Paperwork was yesterday.

Connections to other systems

We would also be happy to link your existing systems with ours and create a smooth transition for you.

Quotation and Invoicing

Generate offers and invoices fully automatically according to your specifications.

Customer Retention

Your application on your customers’ smartphones creates continuos brand awareness for your company.

Automate processes

Recurring processes can be automated without errors through digitalization. This saves time and ensures clean results.

Import existing data

Of course, your previous data will not be lost. We import your records into your new system.


What has sold well? Which inventory is almost empty? Where can distances be shortened? — There are always many optimization possibilities. We deliver facts to act.

And much more …

Every company has different requirements. We are happy to cater to your wishes.

One small step for you!

Your customers will love it.

  • Information
    in real time

    For example, you change a customer appointment?! No problem! This information is sent to your customers in real time.

  • Accessible

    Whether at home or on the subway — your customers have access to their data anytime, anywhere.

  • Easy
    and comfortable

    Your customers have learned in recent years how easy it is to book an appointment online, for example. This is more convenient than making a phone call.

  • Reduction of
    error rate

    Whether by autofill on the cell phone or by normal typing in a mask, there is a much lower error rate in the data.

Just as you want:
external or internal


For you
and your customers

Would you like to share your data with your customers and always stay up to date? Then just choose this option.


For your

Of course, we can also leave your customers out of the system and create a secure one that only your employees have access to.

You have the idea –
we have the concept

We design made-to-measure, smart solutions for you and your customers. „User-centered“ is not just a buzzword for us, regardless of whether you or your customers are the focus. We are also happy to contribute our conception to your own software solutions.

„How much
does it cost?“

Choose your own personal features. The price depends only on your wishes. Here are two examples:

  • Example A

    „Die kleine Arztpraxis“


    • Contact management

    • Appointments

    • Invoicing

    Starting at
    9.600 €
  • Example B

    „Die große Hausverwaltung“


    • Housing management

    • Contact management

    • Appointments

    • Order management

    • Own file system

    • Advertisement management

    • Rent Adjustments

    • Reporting (e.g. heating cost development)

    • Internal & external communication (tenants & craftsmen)

    • Import of existing data

    • Connection to external systems

    Starting at
    48.000 €

The app is yours, not ours

Although we put our heart and soul into realizing your idea, the application is of course yours once the project is complete. You can also market them and sell them as a product. We would be happy to support and advise you on this path.

Beispiele gefällig?

  • Apartment configurator

    We developed a web application for Garbe Immobilien that buyers can use to put together all of their equipment conveniently via the browser after purchasing a home. This not only saves time, but is even fun!

  • Customer management

    EnergyBuilding was faced with a flood of customer inquiries. Now they have their own CRM, which they can use to bring new inquiries to a happy conclusion in no time thanks to faster communication with the customer.

My goal was to give our customers something that sets us apart from the competition. With Diverently we were able to develop a web app, which is a novelty on the market. Diverently helps our company digitize our work processes.

Philipp Boerger, Martracon

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